Internation Marina & Boatyard Conference

If you are in Fort Lauderdale, stop by IMBC hosted by the Association of Marina Industries, Jan 23-25th.  Dock Blocks is at booth #117.

Dock Blocks is Helping with Hurricane Matthew Recovery!

Whether you are a disaster recovery agency, contractor, insurance company, or just need to replace your damaged residential floating dock on drive-on boat lift, Dock Blocks™ is prepared to immediately assist with your dock needs. We are pleased to offer expedited order fulfillment and fast shipping of the highest quality boat docking, temporary bridges, helicopter landing pads, marine construction docks and other docking systems. Our floating dock systems are easy to assemble and reconfigure depending on your needs. We are also offering a 10% discount to those located in the destructive path of Hurricane Matthew. Call for more information or click here to get an estimate.

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Tips on Preparing Your Dock Blocks for a Hurricane

Floating docks are the ideal choice for locations susceptible to any tide changes and harsh weather conditions. The first priority in preparing for a storm is to ensure your own safety then consider proceeding through the following steps:

  • Although Dock Blocks are able to withstand harsh conditions you may want to consider removing your dock from the water due to difficulty in mooring during severe tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Remove objects from the top of your dock including boats and jet skis.
    If removing your dock from the water, you may want to break down into smaller sections that are easier to transport.
  • Simply follow the assembly instructions in reverse to dismantle your dock.
  • If you are not able to remove your dock, consider labeling dock in multiple locations for extreme conditions where your dock may be relocated.

Good luck and be safe.

– Dock Blocks of North America, LLC

Coastal Expeditions expand operations to Isle of Palms Marina and continue to choose Dock Blocks

Coastal Expeditions-IOP Kayak Dock

Chris Crolley and the wonderful people at Coastal Expeditions are now offering guided tours of the beautiful waterways of Gray Bay and Dewees Inlet just off the Intracoastal Waterway outside of Charleston, SC.

If you are looking for a guided trip from the experts be sure to check them out!

What a view!

17.6 ft. X 17.6 swim platform

We have a swim line that is anchored to a concrete block on the ocean floor.  We have it tied to that on the two corners and one more straight line to the anchor.  Thanks again for your help.  The kids love it out here in Catalina!

Dana, Catalina Island Marine Institute

The Green Blocks have arrived

green blocks news

After much demand and anticipation, we are proud to announce the arrival of the Green Blocks.  The new color scheme offers customers the option to have a Dock Blocks docking system that blends into the water a little more than the traditional grey color.   Feel free to mix and match with the grey blocks as well.  Order now!



Pictured is a drive-on system on Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine.  The system has been in the water for over a year and made it through a very harsh Maine winter completely intact.


 If you are located in the New England area, click here to get set up today!

Duck Blocks?!?

Ducks on Dock

It turns out the dock is not duck proof.

My wife needed to orchestrate a little rescue one morning this week.  Woke up this morning to a distressed Momma duck.  Six of her babies had fallen into the water from the Dock Blocks.  We managed to reunite all of the babies with their Momma who waited near by.

-Steve in Lauderdale

Blue Water Yacht Harbor uses Dock Blocks to fill the gap for stand-up paddleboards and kayaks


(324 blocks total, 28.8 ft. x 28.8 ft.)

The folks at Blue Water Yacht Harbor are using their Dock Blocks system to help promote their new Bluerush Aquatic Center in Sausalito, CA, just outside of San Francisco.

“The system is working great for us. We use it as a platform for our kayak and SUP owners. Having the system has been a big plus as our owners no longer need to walk their kayaks and SUP’s down the ramp to launch. Maintenance has been non-existent. Just an awesome system.”

Christopher Lacey, Blue Water Yacht Harbor Harbormaster

Golfing legend Fred Funk chooses Dock Blocks


“Dock Blocks are easy, clean and convenient. They are really a great way to keep my new boat out of the water. I would recommend Dock Blocks to anyone.”

– Fred Funk  (191 Bay Scout owner)

– Senior PGA Tour golfer

– 2009 U.S. Senior Open Champion

– 2004 Ryder Cup Team Member



Coastal Expeditions of Charleston discovers the beauty of a low freeboard


Chris Crolley, owner of Coastal Expeditions of Charleston, put in a call inquiring about a solution for launching his kayaks in a fast and convenient way.   After designing a docking system that is 9.6 ft. x 6.4 ft., 24 blocks total, the decision was made to go with the “Half-Floaters.”  Offering the low freeboard made the most sense for Chris’ needs, as the 10″ profile would be ideal for customers getting in and out of kayaks.

Hours later, he had a dock in the water ready for launch.

Customer bridges Dock Blocks to the old King’s Highway, creating “new King’s Highway”!

IMG_3863-webhighway  Untitled

A recent customer in Edisto Beach, SC decided the best way to access the historic remains was to use the Dock Blocks he had already purchased.  After going back to the drawing board, he reconfigured his existing floating dock and walkway.  He then combined all of his Dock Blocks to create one large 12.8 ft. x 11.2 ft. floating dock (56 blocks).

This now allows easier access to what remains of the old King’s Highway.  The pilings pictured once supported a bridge which was part of a route from Charleston all the way to Boston.  Very cool!

(Previous configuration below)

photo 2 (50)-webphoto 4 (22)-web

“Hi Doug:

I just wanted to thank you guys for the great service you provided revising my dock.  After getting my permit information incorrect it was great that you were able to come back out and install in the way it satisfied the state.  I also appreciate how quick you guys were in getting back out to do the work.

 That being said, now having had the first opportunity to use the dock I must say I am truly impressed. With the sturdy foundation the dock blocks provide.  I was skeptical about purchasing a plastic dock but it far surpasses my expectations.  

Being a professional mariner, working around do is all my life I can professionally affect to their quality construction, versatility, and easy of care.  

  Wow. Where else are you going to find a quality dock, that requires no non skid, is corrosion proof, will not rot, and all the sightly bird droppings wash off easily with a hose.  Awesome job! 


Sent from my iPhone”

Customer saves money by ordering two drive on boat lifts together

104 Block Lift and 49 Block Lift-Savannah, GA

A recent Savannah, GA customer receives the “bundling” discount by ordering two drive on boat lifts at one time.  He chose to go with the 104 block drive on boat lift (24 ft. x 11.2 ft.) for his 22′ Shearwater. For his 17′ Maverick Mirage HPX Micro, the 44 block drive on boat lift (16 ft. x 8 ft.) gave him plenty of room to get his boat completely out of the water.

Call us today at 877-478-8440 to find out more about the “bundling” promotion!

Floating Evolution

photo 2pwcpwc2

A Dock Blocks customer who originally purchased  years ago decided to extend his twin PWC lift.  By adding three rows of blocks,  he is now able to accommodate his Sea Pro as well as his two PWC’s.  Recently he decided to reconfigure the blocks he already had, now docking all three of his watercrafts side by side.

Did It Himself!

“My new Dock Blocks modular dock is GREAT! I love it. Its apx 10′ wide x 30′ long.”

– Ken  |  Niverville, NY


Kayaks Love To Have A Low Profile

Kayak low profile blocks


Using the dock is exactly what I had pictured. The low-profile matches perfectly with our ocean kayaks and the whole family was able to enjoy paddling, even my 77 year-old mother-in-law!

The picture below shows where I secured it to our dock. I bought a couple of 12′ PVC pipes and some steel plumbing pipes to slide inside the PVC for strength. I then capped the PVC, hammered it into the bottom and used U-clamps to secure them to the dock. The dock blocks are fastened to the PVC using small pieces of poly-propelene line, which slides up and down on the PVC nicely.

With best regards,

– Scott   |   Melbourne Beach, FL

Family Floats Happily Ever After

Swim Platform

Platform“The dock blocks are working very nicely and we are thrilled with them!”

– Bill   |  Lake Keowhee, SC

Dock Blocks Pass Category 2 Hurricane Arthur Test

54 Block Lift-17.6 ft. X 8 ft.-Jones Brother Skiff

“Just wanted to let you know that my dock blocks made it through Arthur without a problem.  Arthur was a Cat 2 when it came on shore with the eye passing over our condo and marina. Great product! The Jones Brothers skiff sure looks nice sitting up on it!”


Lake in the Clouds Community brings Dock Blocks to the Pocono’s


“Everything is working great with our swim platform. Everyone loves the new Dock Blocks!”

– Mike F., Lake in the Clouds Community, Canadensis, Pennsylvania

Naples, FL. waters are kid friendly with Dock Blocks™

Naples-Fl---Carolina-Skiff-WEBALL ABOARD! Dock your Carolina Skiff easily and safely in the waters of Naples, FL. with a Dock Blocks™ docking system. Naples is one of the most popular destinations that border the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Marine Fisheries Service report the commercial and shellfish harvested from the Gulf state equaled 1.3 billion lbs.

The modular floating docks are composed of a High Density Polyethylene and are built to withstand many elements of a marine environment. Dock Blocks platforms provide less flexing due to the thick HPDE wall construction. The patent pending connecting system and strengthening bars will hold your blocks together tighter and help keep your kids and your watercraft safe and afloat. Dock Blocks™ are ideal for all makes and models of Carolina Skiffs.

Please contact us today if you need to get one out of the water!

Are you connecting with the water? Enjoy hot summer fun at Lake in the Clouds with a Dock Blocks™ Swim Platform


How connected are you to the outdoors? Nature is an exhilarating thing, and Lake in the Clouds has just welcomed Dock Blocks™ floating swim platform to the family. Considered a four season recreational community, Lake in the Clouds is located in the scenic Pocono Mountain Range of Northeastern Pennsylvania. By choosing Dock Blocks™, they are provided with many advantages. The 64 block, 12.8 ft x 12.8 ft platform features two swim ladders attached for easy entry/exit to the dock. The HDPE material is a favorite for kids as well as adults, resulting in zero splinters. The thick thread on top of the blocks can prevent some slippery issues that may be foreshadowed, and the grey coloring of the dock allows for cooler contact on bare skin. The Dock Blocks™ swim platform will provide many years of summer fun for all ages.

Where can you envision this easy to assemble, charming dock near you? Contact us today for a free quote!

Versatility of Dock Blocks™ design features satisfy another customer


One of Dock Blocks™ customers located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida is taking full advantage of the versatile ways he is able to configure his floating dock. The customer is using his Dock Blocks™ system to dock his personal watercraft(not pictured) as well as his small bass boat.



Jax-dock-3Get creative with your dock layout, whenever you choose! Contact us today at 877-478-8440 for more information.

Dock Blocks™ announces Outta Season Storage as the exclusive New England area distributor and installer


We are excited to announce that Outta Season Storage is now the exclusive distributor and installer of Dock Blocks ™ docking systems in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.


Please call 207-745-9292 or email for a free quote today!

Dock Blocks™ sit well in tidal water ways


One of our latest Do-It-Yourself customers completed an installation on Johns Island, South Carolina.  They simply assembled the Drive-On dock in their backyard and slid it into the water. The fixed dock will be rebuilt in the future, so we are glad Dock Blocks™ could be a quick new addition for the 4th of July.

The changing tides can play a big role in your water accessibility and boating convenience.  A floating dock can provide flexibility no matter where the moon is hanging out.  We know how handsome Dock Blocks™ look in water, but resting in the mud isn’t a bad look either!

Existing customer adds 38.4 sq. ft. to existing jet ski Dock Blocks™ drive-on floating dock


Location:  Ashley River, Charleston, SC

Situation:  One of our happy customers from over 4 years ago called and requested a purchase of 15 blocks to add to his existing Dock Blocks™ docking system.  He traded in his 10′ jet ski for a 14′ Carolina Skiff and needed to extend his drive-on lift by adding two Half-Floaters (3.2 ft.).  He also added 13 Full-Floaters on the opposite end to add some more room for the kids to walk around and use as a swim platform.

The customer didn’t have to buy a brand new dock or have deal with the hassle of hiring a construction crew.  He simply bought 15 blocks and immediately enhanced his existing Dock Blocks™ docking system.  After a little over an hour the addition was complete and his docking system is now ready for this summer and many more to come!