Assemble Dock Blocks1 Assemble Blocks in Desired Configuration. Lay out all of your blocks in your planned configuration. Be sure that all blocks are oriented in the same direction, and that the logo on the top of each block reads from front to back of the assembly.

Very Important! If blocks are misaligned or facing the wrong direction, they will not snap together properly. Once the blocks are connected, the unit will be heavy so we suggest assembling on a flat surface close to the water or at an indoor facility and loading on a trailer that can be directly inserted into the water. Also be sure that each block’s bung plug is tight and will not leak.

adjust heightOne of the many unique features of Dock Blocks is that you can fill Dock Blocks with water to lower the height of the docking system above the water’s surface. This is particularly helpful for those who need to be just above the water such as kayak users. Once you are ready to start connecting, simply twist into place and tighten with your wrench. Be sure not to strip any threads.

install connecting pins