Floating Swim Platforms

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Whether you are sun bathing or taking the kids for a swim, Dock Blocks™ offer the most when used as floating swim platforms. Add a ladder, bring your lawn chairs and Dock Blocks™ are perfect for a day of swimming, lounging, or family fun. Arrive to your swim platform by boat or personal watercraft and tie up to Dock Blocks™ extra strength cleats or swim from the shore. Dock Blocks™ light color scheme not only looks great, it stays cooler in the hot sun which makes walking barefoot easier! Dock Blocks™ have an anti-slip texture helping to prevent slipping when you are wet from a refreshing swim.

Dock Blocks™ flexibility of design size and shape make it easy for you to construct your own custom floating swimming platform to whatever size or shape you desire. Dock Blocks™ can easily be disassembled for winter months, to move location of the dock, for weather emergencies, or even just to arrange in a different design.

With Dock Blocks™, you will no longer spend time sanding, sealing, and arduously maintaining your wooden dock. Dock Blocks™ is an alternative modular floating docking system that is constructed of 19.2 inch cubes made of Molecular weight High Density Polyethylene, a highly durable and eco-friendly plastic floating dock. Dock Blocks™ is up to 50% stronger than competitive products with each cube holding up to 220 lbs.

Dock Blocks™ are sold around the world with operations headquartered in Charleston, SC. Call us today at 877-478-8440 or contact us for a price quote.