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Dock Blocks™ offer a new solution to docking that is quicker and safer.  Constructed from Molecular weight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that is inert and recyclable, Dock Blocks™ are up to 50% stronger than most competitive docking system products with each block holding up to 220 lbs. The modular block system offers almost unlimited potential to design the exact docking system to meet your needs. Dock Blocks are versatile, easy to use, and much safer than many alternatives.

There are two very distinct differences with Dock Blocks when compared to other modular floating systems on the market.  The first and foremost is the patented connecting system, which allows two blocks to connect side-by-side with one connecting pin.  This proprietary difference is quite significant to competitive brands, as it allows for twice the amount of connecting points throughout the system.  The result of this is a very rigid and stable dock that behaves and feels like a traditional concrete or wooden floater.

This stability is even further enhanced by the second patented feature of Dock Blocks, the strengthening bar.  These bars line the entire perimeter of the floating dock, allowing protection for the blocks and tightening the platform even more, adding a greater amount of stability that outperforms any other system on the market.