Dock Blocks™ floating dock systems offers a new solution to getting in, out and on top of the water quicker and safer. Dock Blocks™ can be used as plastic floating boat docks, floating boat lifts, swim platforms, drive-on boat docking systems, floating docks for personal watercraft, floating boat docks and barges for special occasions, and many other applications. No more splinters! Constructed with molecular weight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that is recyclable and produced through a zero waste manufacturing process, Dock Blocks™ are up to 50% stronger than most competitive docking system products. The modular cube system offers more flexibility to design the exact docking system to meet your waterfront needs. If you move, your dock can go with you or if a storm is coming you can easily pull it out of the water. Similarly, if you upgrade and/or need to expand your dock, you can always add blocks. Dock Blocks™ floating boat dock systems are quicker and easier to use than traditional hoist or cable boat lifts. Also, you can save money since you don’t have to worry about power and sinking pylons. Dock Blocks™ are found around the world at marinas, boat clubs, private residences, lakeside properties and resorts.